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Our Customers; Thoughts

Testimonials for Pushrod Performance Cycle

At Pushrod Performance Cycle, we are always interested in knowing how we can serve you better. If you’re a customer of ours, take a moment to let us know how our service was. Use the “comments” section of our eform to email us your opinion.

Don't let the size of the shop fool you. Greg and Vanessa go to great lengths to ensure every need of the customer has been addressed.

They are BIG on service. BIG on value. BIG on making sure even the most minute detail has been taken care of. Domestic manufacturer or import, this shop can handle everything.

- Steve I.

The only person who will ever touch my bike is Greg...had to kiss a bunch of frogs to find him...but this man takes pride in his work...keeps his word and backs his work. So few genuine people left who are there for you...not so much how much of your money they can take. If there was an option for 10 stars....he would have it. Don't believe me...go to Pushrod and meet him and Vanessa for yourselves....guaranteed you’re not gonna be unhappy!He builds lots of "Holy fast freakin’ Harley Davidson's" Much love and respect!

- Tamara M.

Greg and Vanessa, way to go. You guys have got my business. I finally found a shop that takes pride in their work.


-Rick Y.

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