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It's Not What You Ride, It's THAT You Ride.

Pushrod Performance Cycle is owned by Greg and Vanessa Hubbard. Greg’s passion for motorcycles has existed since he was a kid. It all started when he bought his first motorcycle in pieces and built it by himself. Over the course of his life he has absorbed so much knowledge and information about all motorcycles. He holds no prejudice and is well versed in both American and Imported motorcycles. Gradually, people learned of Greg’s talents and began bringing their motorcycles to him for service. After having worked at various shops, he decided to open his own to better serve motorcycle owners in the GTA.

Vanessa Hubbard

Vanessa has taken up the passion for motorcycles as well — so much so that in her second season she rode her S40 Boulevard all the way to Sturgis, South Dakota and back. She is not only the co-owner of Pushrod Performance, she has completed Level 1 of the Motorcycle Technician Apprenticeship program. With Greg as her mentor, she is learning fast and becoming quite proficient with the trade.

Chris Lyman

In May of 2016 Chris Lyman joined the team as an apprentice motorcycle technician. Chris, recently retired after 30 years at GM, has always owned motorcycles or muscle cars and is quite mechanically inclined. As of December 2016, he also completed Level 1 of the Apprenticeship program, and is progressing well. We are so grateful to have another set of hands and friendly face in the shop.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is “It's not what you ride, it's that you ride.” Your motorcycle is very important to you and that is why we will treat it as though it is one of our own. You only have two wheels, so we will do what we can to ensure you stay safe, and enjoy every moment you ride. Here, you are not just another job, you're part of the Pushrod family.

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